Geographical coordinates:

120°55′ to 122°16′ East,28°51′ to 30°33 North
Ningbo is located in the eastern of China(226Km from Shanghai)with an urban area of 1105 sq km.Ningbo’s population stands at an estimation of 7.65 million, with 60% of the population being male.



Ningbo belongs to Subtropics monsoon climate,four clearly distinct seasons, has an average daytime temperature of 17.2°C.And average annual precipitation 1403 mm, average humidity 70%.
In the summer, the weather is hot in Ningbo, with temperatures reaching 40°C. In the winter,temperatures reaching -6°C, with the humidity averaging over 60%.
So Spring and Autumn are the best season in Ningbo, with a comfortable temperatures 23°C.